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26/3 open discussion #1
Posted on 4:35 pm 03/26/2021
Hello everyone

Today two of our members promoted on the same website and as a result both of them had a lot of invalid hits and one had almost all hits being invalid. He messaged me and said that I should do something. Although I have already said you should pay attention to wether there are ptc ads already on a site before promoting this probably isn't something we can entirely avoid in the future .

As I see it we have a couple of options :

Number one : coordinate somehow the team to not to promote on the same websites .

Two : assign specific websites to specific members

Three : decrease rates (by more than 50% ) and count repeat visits (not a good option as it won't be that profitable to promote on ptc sites anymore) .

Four : leave things as they are and hope that members will pay attention not to screw each other or themselves.

P.s. our site has a message system you can use to talk one to another and forums as well, so it wouldn't be that crazy to actually coordinate. Personally I prefer the last option .

P.s. 2 of course if you have better ideas just let me know .
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Re: 26/3 open discussion #2
Posted on 5:04 pm 03/26/2021
Admin, it's best to leave it as it is. Now you have 355 members on the site, but imagine what will happen when there are at least a few thousand of them. How will they distribute sites among themselves? This is complete nonsense, because some sites give a lot of hits per day, while others are very few. So no one will be satisfied. Let everyone promote their link wherever they want and that's it. And paying for repeated hits will not do anything good either, since the rates will decrease and, as a result, the payment will be about the same.
Re: 26/3 open discussion #3
Posted on 6:04 pm 03/26/2021
Exactly, thank you Spongus . Basically members must be more careful where they promote and pay attention not to promote on sites where there is already ptc link.

One more vote for option four (my favorite so far ) .
Re: 26/3 open discussion #4
Posted on 6:51 pm 03/28/2021
Hi Admin,
Can you generate a statistic of the websites with high % of invalid visits for avoid them?
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Re: 26/3 open discussion #5
Posted on 9:28 pm 03/28/2021
Hello Exito.

No, that wouldn't help as these statistics depend on if someone has already seen our ad already on the same or another website in the past 24 hours . So it is completely random and statistics wouldn't be meaningful enough.

For e.g. after this incident with the two members promote on the same ptc the invalid ratio would be higher on that site but that wouldn't mean we should avoid using it.
Re: 26/3 open discussion #6
Posted on 9:29 pm 03/28/2021
By the way today someone gave another 500+ hits to his PTP link on a website that's not on the list ...

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