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Cryptogaming token value increase #1
Posted on 5:19 am 03/25/2021
Hello all, you might wonder how do i intend on increasing the value of the token in the future so that members that bought early may benefit even more .

I will give a simple example : lets say a members buys today some tokens (2.000) and receives free membership (lvl2) for as long as he/she holds the tokens. Lets suppose that after some time the member decides to stop working for whatever reason. He/she then sets a sale order on the exchange but wants to sell the token for more than just 1 MINTME per token and wants to actually double the value and sells for 2 MINTME per CT (and then sell for BTC and withdraw).

Since the sale of CT is going to be limited (about 100.000 for a long time) there wont be any tokens for sale for new members or advertisers to make use of our promotions, this way they will be forced to buy the tokens for a higher per MINTME price.

Simple as that !

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