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11/3 email #1
Posted on 1:38 pm 03/11/2021
Hello everybody

After about two months of work there are about 190 PTC ads (+10 only for premium for 0.01$ each) + about 100 in the offerwalls section.

To support this there are some restrictions (maximum 1$ withdrawal weekly for basic members) and some requirements (need to click on 500 offerwalls and 200 TE before withdrawing) .

Members that do not like these restrictions and requirements and only want to promote PTP can get free PTP membership upgrade with less restrictions and requirements (just message me on the site, dont purchase the membership).

The refferals membership lvl1 is being given for free to old and active members as well. If you believe you should be included but wasnt let me know (via on site messages, dont reply to this email, i will ignore it) .

Reason for the free memberships is because it is likely there will be even more restrictions and requirements in the future for new members. I am giving this membership to those of you who remained active for the duration of these months. This is a form of a thank you to those of you who supported .

Basically older members get more benefits/earnings and get to work more on PTP while new members will have to work mostly on PTC with lower earnings.

Once our PTP team is full and free upgrades given to old members new members will have to work their way up.
It is possible that old members upgrades will last longer than just one month.

This depends mostly on your actions. I am currently giving upgrades to members that click on more offerwall PTC's than is required, promote in a legit manner their PTP links and bring in refferals.
Also I am paying attention to members who dont click just on the most valuable PTC's but surf the entire list of 190 ads.

A note on future changes :

- A lot more PTC ads (depending on the sites growth but i would like to at least double the ptc ads, be it self sponsored or not).
- Higher minimum withdrawal limit for basic members (instead of a minimum 0.10$) .
- More offerwalls and TE surfing needed to withdraw.
- A number of PTC ads required to click on to withdraw.
- Lower PTP earnings for basic membership and possibly for refferal lvl1 and 2 as well.
- Higher PTP earnings for PTP lvl 1 membership.

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