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Update 7/3 #1
Posted on 12:20 pm 03/07/2021
Hello everybody, there will be even more changes very soon.

Instead of decreasing the maximum amount to withdraw there will be an increase in the required amount of clicks
-Maybe a total of 500 Offerwall clicks instead of 200 now.
-Maybe (big maybe) 1.000-2.000 PTC ads to withdraw .
-Also maybe an increase in the minimum amount you can withdraw as well (from 0.10$ up to 0.50$ and higher) .

If you are interested only in promoting PTP and no PTC then you might be interested in upgrading for free to PTP lvl 1 to have no requirements to withdraw, in this case let me know to arrange a deal.

Also : members that do not reply to PM regarding questions about their PTP promotions will have their earnings forfeited or suspended or locked from withdrawing.

The only reason i am asking questions about PTP promotion is because we already had quite a lot of fraudalent members trying to cheat PTP .
If we could somehow avoid this then we would.

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