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more and more restrictions #1
Posted on 6:45 am 03/05/2021
Admin, why are you constantly introducing more and more restrictions on the withdrawal of funds on your site? At first, there was no click rate at all. Then we made the norm of 100 clicks, then 200. Now you have added the norm of 7 clicks to KlixGrid within 7 days. So no one will work, it is very inconvenient.
Re: more and more restrictions #2
Posted on 8:32 am 03/05/2021
Hello Spongus , first of all thank you for participating in this and giving me feedback. I am very gratefull to you.

Secondly these changes do not apply to your current balance for these days, you can just message me and request withdrawal even if you did not complete 100% of the requirements. As I mentioned old and active members are excluded this time and can ask for their money through messages. I will just send your money and will not let you hanging.

If you have any better idea after I explain the reasoning behind this I will gladly implement it! But first read this:

You personally are a member for : 43 days and are earning on average 0.08$ daily for this time. 0.08$ * 7 days to withdraw= 0.56$ earning per week on average. So this means that you dont exceed the limit and can take your money every week if you want to, so the 1$ per week is not a restriction that will affect you a lot. This means you should not have any extra balance on the site remaining every week if thats your concern. If for any reason there is some balance remaining and you need it you can message me and ask me for it. I would never steal/keep your money if you want it.

Also you personally prefer PTP instead of PTC and TE so i can understand why you dont like the changes, but 1 clix grid click a day extra is not a big deal and considering that most earn less than 1$ per week it is not that bad. If you dont like offerwalls or PTC at all I am still thinking of an idea how to have members who want to just promote PTP to be pleased. So please let me know, do you need TE? Do you need PTC? What is it that you dont like and what do you like the most?

I could make a membership special for those who are here just for the PTP and i am considering its complications. If you have an idea about this let me know.

Now about the other members who mostly click PTC and dont like PTP that much like you do:

-Offerwalls : There are many members who click only on the regular PTC and avoid clicking on the Offerwalls PTC. While some of the regular PTC ads pay better overall the Offerwalls area has some very good payments. It is important for the site that members click at least some offerwalls ptc . Also notice that offerwalls PTC is pretty high value in relation to most other sites. SO we have members that have overall thousands (!?) of PTC clicks and 0 on TE or offerwalls. I am combating this by making restrictions, also think that by clicking all PTC's on the site they will not earn 1$ in a week, so they are also O.K. from this change, will not have some money left in the system by the end of the week.

Currently 200 offerwall hits are only 4% of the 1$ earned from PTC for someone who only clicks PTC. Meaning if they click 5000 times on PTC to earn 1$ they have to only click an extra 200 offerwalls to withdraw.

Likewise those who promote PTP only have to spend only an additional 40 minutes to earn some TE credits and about 0.04$ on offerwalls on the site which will help me and them.
And the 1 clix grid click daily is less than a minute. No problem with that.

-PTP : there are some members who specialize in PTP mostly and do not like offerwalls or PTC at all! i understand that and i am thinking a solution to this. Do you have an idea?

Both: there are members who are still doing everything : TE, PTC and PTP (and clix grid) and i believe that having more PTC ads and forcing them to complete another 200 offerwalls for every 1$ earned on the site is not a bad idea.

And TE: I could reduce the amount of TE needed but i would have to increase the amount of offerwalls then. I understand that some of you dont need any TE credits because you dont want to promote any PTP or refferal links from other sites. So i am still testing some things, it is not 100% that things will stay this way.

Think of it this way: the more restrictions i add, the more pop up ads I add the more money you will earn . In case you didnt notice I have added a total of 60 bonus PTC ads that lead to the same page ( , added 4 offerwalls with pretty high earnings and this way just from PTC you can earn 0.05 - 0.06$(together with offerwalls) daily, and all of this thanks to the pop up ads and the restrictions. If you want more ads I can do it but i will have to add even more restrictions. In the end you will take all of your money and will be earning even more. I can do that but i need members to give their feedback and test changes for some days.

Do you want to earn 0.10$ and more daily just from the PTC? Do you want to earn more than just 0.0004$ from every tier 1 PTP hit (which is 0.0001$ even for tier 4 hits) ? I can increase rates by a lot but i need your help in this.

Also about the clix grid I am trying to make it profitable for both you and the site as well. If you help me increase the earnings of the site your earnings will also increase. Every time we get new customers i am increasing your cut as well but nobody else is mentioning that. Dont look just at the restrictions look also at the bright side : members will always get about 80% of the sites revenue ! Recently we got new customers and i increased some of your earnings immediatelly. I didnt keep the money. Also added pop up ads and added the daily contests which are very good, 0.10$ for first position every day ? Even by reffering just one person most of the days you can get that. And 0.01$ to the best offerwalls clickers? Thats very good for someone who earned 0.02$ from offerwalls in a day in 20 minutes. I am literally giving back most of the websites earnings to the members.

- If you get a pop up ad and my payment is 0.50$ for 1000 views every member will get back from this 0.0004$ from either PTP , PTC or some contest or bonus (on average 0.0004$, im trying to keep it balanced and make changes according to the results) .

- For every new customer on the site I am either somehow increasing PTP rates ( I increased the payment for some days and then i increased the % of tiers for ever) or adding more PTC ads.

So if you have a good idea on how to implement something that makes basic members to click on click grid, participate in the offerwalls and not just ordinary PTC , vote on the polls, make forum posts with feedback like you did and in general help me I am all ears. My goal is to make people make money but they have to be helpfull and participate.

Personally i believe i have done quite a good job balancing expences/earnings and advertisers to earners expectations + increasing earnings for you all. Trying to keep everyone pleased while maintaining a sustainable bussiness is very hard.

Instead of turning into scam, or reducing earnings down to a couple of cents per day I am trying to make this platform usefull.
Last edited by admin on 10:04 am 03/05/2021
Re: more and more restrictions #3
Posted on 12:53 am 03/06/2021
I do about 50 clicks a day on PTC Offerwalls, I like

over the grid.
one idea would be to increase the odds per day and add additional bonuses
as free publicity credits

on TE, I support 200 clicks before requesting a withdrawal,
as this encourages members to surf the sites we post.
in addition to sharing PTP in the TE, we also disclose some PTC and other sites in order to get only a few referrals, I myself have found many good sites to register through TEs

taking advantage of, on two other issues:
the first is about more pop ups, I don't know if it would be feasible, because some TE manuals that I publicize the site here they already banned the site from there, if there are many POP UPS, it will be more and more difficult to find a place to advertise it.

the second is about placing repeated visits on the rotator, I don't know, just like I mentioned, I disclose in TE manuals and some PTC, and I am happy with my current earnings for what I can disclose today, in this matter I prefer to stay neutral
Re: more and more restrictions #4
Posted on 4:27 am 03/06/2021
Admin, thanks for the detailed answer to my post. I believe that the minimum click-through rate for a withdrawal is too high to withdraw $ 1 per week. Now I have to make 200 clicks in manual surfing and 200 clicks of offerwall every time to withdraw only $ 1. Of course, it is necessary to separate those who are involved in anti-TB drugs and simply clicks on the site. I'm not interested in clicks and manual surfing at all, that's right, I only want to do PTP promotion. You probably know this site This site has been paying its users regularly for 16 years and only stopped paying last year. Now it only works for ads. For all these years, there was no clicks rate for withdrawals and the maximum amount for withdrawals in general. Although, there is the same section for clicks, and PTP and offerwalls. There were 750,000 users there. The minimum wage for withdrawal has always been $ 1. And the rates for PTP there were no less than yours always. Why you can't do without these clicks for withdrawals, I don't understand. A person will get to your site, see what your conditions are and will not want to work. There is nothing to do here without anti-TB drugs, on clicks the minimum salary of $ 1 will be collected for about 2 months. Plus, he still needs to do 200 manual surfing and 200 offerwalls for a meager payment to withdraw $ 1. And constantly the antivirus finds viruses on the pop-up windows of different sites. Make simple conditions for withdrawing the earned money of users, then people will work actively and you will recruit new members very quickly. Of course, the promotion of such a site is not an easy thing, it takes a lot of time and costs, and I understand that, and you are the same.
Re: more and more restrictions #5
Posted on 4:33 am 03/06/2021
Ok thank you for the input fabricio !

About grid we cant yet increase the chances, we need more members/customers first. That area was closed for about a month because we didnt have enough income to activate clix grid. Otherwise we will spend more than what we earn and that is exactly the reason why some ptc sites turn into scam. I am trying to avoid that at all costs .

In the future chances will be increasing according to our overall income. If I increase chances today i will have to drastically decrease income somehwere else or add more restrictions.

There is no such thing as "free" unfortunatelly . Any site that is giving for free either has to stop at some point or has enough income to cover that. With less than 1.000 members this is very hard.

And yes TE has helped me as well to find some usefull sites, hopefully when we get more members there will be more sites introduced.

I have moved most pop up ads to clix grid and offerwalls section . With due time I am going to remove some of them as soon as we start earning a bit more.
But the pop up ads are now not being displayed on other TE and PTC sites this way (except of just one every 24 hours) so I will message any site that allows 1 pop up ad to un-ban us from their advertising. I will message you to give me a list of the sites that banned us and allow one pop up.

Yes, I also agree that unique visitors only on the rotator is better so that we have more quality service, only 100% unique visits daily. Maybe in the future when we have about 10-20 + customers we can do that but not yet. Also paying a minimum of 0.0001$ for every unique tier 4 visit (25%) is good enough. I wouldnt like that to go below 0.0001$ as that would mean it would be impossible to advertise on many PTC sites.

The problem is only with those who just want to promote PTP and not click on offerwalls and TE it seems. While I would like to increase some restrictions it is hard for now.
Re: more and more restrictions #6
Posted on 4:47 am 03/06/2021
Да, сейчас многие крупные сайты ручного серфинга стали блокировать вашу ПТП ротатор ссылку, так что продвижением заниматься становится все труднее с каждым днем, знайте это.

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