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TE area #1
Posted on 6:56 am 02/28/2021
TE area also cleared of annoying ads/redirects and most pop up ads.

Re: TE area #2
Posted on 1:20 am 03/02/2021
Good day,
there are some ads that take in the surf.
A total of 56 pages, but it does not work.
Please look at it

Re: TE area #3
Posted on 7:11 am 03/02/2021
Yeah i took a look and for some reason a lot of changes i had made were gone...

Anyway when you add a link to PTC or TE add it with https , if it is not displaying with https you cant add it. I edited your links so there should be no problem. Some that did not display are deleted now.

Check again and let me know.

All of these problems because we added SSL (https) .

Also if you find ads that dont display please report them, i cant check manually every time.
Re: TE area #4
Posted on 7:55 am 03/02/2021
That was a lot of work, anyway hope this time the fix is permanent.

Deleted multiple sites that dont use https, fixed other links with no https . If you see any non displaying ads report them please.

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