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So many pop upps #1
Posted on 7:33 am 02/22/2021
Admin, why so many pop upps on the site now and my antivirus Avast works sometimes.
Re: So many pop upps #2
Posted on 9:12 am 02/22/2021
Hello Spongus , I have been testing new ads on the site to increase revenue. This is not forever. This is a test/trial and will not last more than one max two more days.

In the end a few pop up ads will remain but not more than 3 every 24 hours on most pages. For this i need you to help me in identifying which ads are annoying/repetitive by telling me on which page you saw them and how often .

Please be patient this wont last long.
Re: So many pop upps #3
Posted on 3:48 pm 02/22/2021
All right, i made some changes and there should be less pop ups. For the next 24 hours I will test some things and if we are lucky enough in the end there will be just a few pop up ads .

I also installed SSL so you should now load the page through https.
Re: So many pop upps #4
Posted on 8:48 am 02/23/2021
Im literally spending 3 days so far just on this matter. You have no idea how hard it is , especially when nobody is helping you.
Re: So many pop upps #5
Posted on 5:10 am 02/24/2021
Admin, thank you, but now my Avast works all time else, than i open different pages on the site. Besides, Rotator earnings today is not right now. It shows earning as for some days, but no for one day.
Re: So many pop upps #6
Posted on 5:50 pm 02/24/2021
Ok spongus thank you for helping identify the problem . I think you mean that avast is working all the time now and the statistics are wrong

I checked your rotator statistics you are second in earnings today , a lot of views for just one day , if everyone helps we will be able to increase rates even more.

We can help you better if you explain your problem once again in russian and if you show screenshot it will be even easier .

This will help me fix this issue faster .

Tomorrow I will do more work on the pop up ads.

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