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guaranteed signups #1
Posted on 7:02 am 07/29/2021
hi, i ordered 30 signups but does anyone know how long it takes to full the order? it has been 3 days but there is still not 1 signup...... anybody have any experience with this?
Re: guaranteed signups #2
Posted on 3:52 pm 07/30/2021
Yes, I had ordered sign ups myself on the site and it took a long time, usually when we advertise the site and get new members we get new sign ups but it is going to take a while to fill em up. thats why the price is very low. in the future when we start getting more sign ups the price will be higher ( 0.05+ $ ) . Although its much easier to get cash by just signing up people dont like that a lot.

Its faster and easier now to get refferals through PTC .

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