Rules #1
Posted on 6:13 pm 12/23/2021
Members will get paid 0.001$ per post/comment . Up to 3 posts daily will be paid daily, any extra will not be credited for.

Referal links are allowed . Not in the comments section tho . Unless it makes sense. In other words no hijacking posts and spaming referal links.

Posts must be a minimum of 50 words .

No exceptions.

Comments must have a minimum of 25 words.

-in case there is no obvious reason to write a comment less than 30 words it is ok to ignore this rule. In it's essence it is not allowed to "farm" on the forums.

Violators will have their balance deducted and suspended.

Do not post about websites that have been already posted.
Last edited by admin on 6:47 pm 12/23/2021

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