Paid to promote (rotator) #1
Posted on 2:09 pm 12/19/2021
You will get paid 0.0001$ per valid hit (tier 1) on your rotator PTP link.

Your link should look like : "Rotator: username) $ 0.0001 per valid hit"

-Only 24 hour unique hits are counted !

Earnings per tier:
1- 100%
2- 75%
3- 50%
4- 25%

If you are advertising on a site with SSL in surfing module include after the HTTP an S. (https). If the site has no ssl in the surfing module add your link with just http (NO S) . (Http).

Paying only for site unique visits! Meaning if someone has went through a PTP link today they wont trigger a payment again for 24 hours even if they went from someone elses. So make sure not to promote a lot on the same site as other members! Try to diversify!

Advertise mostly on TE and next on PTC sites. View duration must be at least 4 seconds and a substantial percentage of your delivered views must be on active window tabs. Meaning those who see the ad must not switch tabs for a total of at least 4 seconds.

Dont use 3rd party trackers like that alter your ptp link.

Pop up and banners is off as well except of some rare cases.

P.S. Read the TOS
Last edited by admin on 3:27 pm 12/23/2021
Re: Paid to promote (rotator) #2
Posted on 2:59 pm 05/28/2022
Dear admin, why hasn't the rotator PTP link been working for several days? Clicks do not count, promised rewards are not credited.
Thank you for your answer.

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